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Welcome to Whiskerz and Paws!

We are home to a large number of amazing blogs for all the pet lovers out there. We’ll help you know everything there is to know about your beloved and cheerful pets. Our posts are highly informative and appeal to all. From Canines to Felines to Aquatic animals and the exotic creatures, we care for all.

You love animals, and so do we. Our interesting blogs will make you fall in love with animals all over again. We put forth the lesser-known facts about your favourite animal and provide the best tips on pet-keeping.

Who are we?

Animal’s buddies and bloggers, WhiskerzandPaws is a community that experiences pleasure from feeding stray animals. We are ardent animal lovers and are trying our bit to partake in animal welfare. Through our blogs, we aim to educate people on pet health, deliver some astonishing facts and provide bonus tips on adventures you can undertake with your dearly furry pets. 

We love all animals alike, not just the one we share our homes with. Hundreds and thousands of stray animals after tolerating indifferent and callous behavior sleep with an empty aching stomach. We are doing our bit by extending a helpful hand that promises a meal.


Our delegation is firm and full of passion and sentiments. We believe it to be our responsibility to take care of animals as much as we take care of ourselves and look upon these homeless creatures with respect and reverence. Our sole purpose of existence is to provide you with the best pet blogs and in this process; we help stray animals to live a better & healthy life. Fifty percent of the wealth that we generate through blogging is used to feed stray animals worldwide.

We do not seek charity. Our actions are a result of our deep compassion towards our adorable animals. We write so that we can help our friends.

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