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How to Choose a Dog? 5 Pointers to Keep in Mind.

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So you have decided to get a canine and when the moment arrives for you to choose a dog of your own, you should have a fair idea of what you are looking for. If you are looking for a canine just for the family and security, we highly recommend your local animal shelter wherein you can adopt a stray or if you are looking for a breed Google up a few local breeders and pay them a visit. This will ensure that you take the stress of the local population of dogs as well as possibly rescue a loving little pup who might just be the best friend you will ever have.

No matter where you choose to get a dog, a few basic rules will apply. Here are 5 tips to help you choose better .

Meet the Parents

You will find that a very young puppy only loosely resembles the adult dog you were awestruck on the street or in a dog show. This is primarily because puppies, between the ages of six and twelve months, go through an awkward stage during which they seem a bit out of proportion. In such a situation you will get a better idea of what the young pup will eventually look like if you have look at its parents.

Let the Dog Mother Choose

If you are looking for a puppy, there are various methods of picking the best puppy from a litter. It’s not advisable to avoid the weakest and shyest, as the runt of the litter often turns out to be the best. It is a good idea to remove the puppies from the mother and note which ones she brings back first, as many believe that a mother chooses to protect the best one, first. However, the signs of a good temperament in a very young puppy are friendliness, confidence, playfulness, and curiosity.

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What Sex?

When you must choose a puppy from a litter you should proceed by elimination. Firstly, be sure of the sex, is it male or female? this will eliminate ½ the group. Then you might consider color or unique markings, next a full of life attitude. But always bear in mind the role you want him to play in your life. Can you handle an active playful dog, or is it better if you had a quiet and more reserved one? Go with the one that most thoroughly fits your lifestyle.

Skip the Puppy

Though not advisable as the bond between a dog and you formed during the primitive stages, if however due to personal demands you are forced to Choose an adult dog keep in mind that he has already realized his full physical development and established a personality which will include acquired physical or mental quirks. Here it is you who must accommodate and be wary of what you choose. A sudden and abrupt change in his life style may lead to mental health issues (Yes!!! Dogs have feelings too), so always investigate the past life. When choosing an adult dog of unknown past, you must use all of your observational skills. Like the puppy, a good temperament is the most important attribute of all. Keep in mind that adult dogs are often more difficult to train, as they have already been trained previously and have a mental idea of their day to day activities.

A Celebrity Canine

If you are looking for a dog to take part in shows and gain popularity, character or temperament may be secondary to physical robustness. There tends to be a world of a difference in temperament between the show lines/breeds, and the working lines of certain breeds. If you want a dog whom you can also show and have a friendly joy loving family pet, the best solution is to choose either a breed in the sporting and working groups that have not yet been affected by artificial show standards.

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Lastly, keep in mind that you’re also choosing a life along with a dog, you will be his whole world and his life will revolve around you. So, when making a final choice, choose from the heart and not so much by the book or brain, and you both will be happier for it.

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